RABID DELUSION “S/T” CS + Download CATT-031cs



9 songs from this new Cleveland band; hardcore punk with intense vocals, a bulldozer rhythm section, and insane riffs/hard rock guitar elements combine on this– raw, noisy, and bruising. Influences are drawn from bands like TOTALITAR, DOOM, HIATUS, DISCHARGE, VARUKERS, CHAOS UK, SSD, THE GUNS, PAGANS, DRI, SYSTEMATIC DEATH, CONFUSE, GAUZE. Band members’ escalating credits include: LACERATE, MUZZLE, BAD NOIDS,  FLEA COLLAR, RAT FUCKER, DER KOMMISAR, SHORT ORDER, SCUM GUPPIES, ROOBYDOCKS, SARCOUGHOGUS, UPSTAB, PUNCTURE WOUND, and NO PEACE.


Recorded by Rick O.K. Sick! at Rumpus Room Recordings, Lakewood, Ohio. Mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound Mastering.

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