Color And Time Tonight– a record label and multimedia imprint formed in 2021, specializing in (new and old) punk rock, hardcore, post-punk, noise, and psyche.


SUMMER/FALL 2024: Announcements soon.

9 songs from this new Cleveland band; hardcore punk with intense vocals, a bulldozer rhythm section, and insane riffs/hard rock guitar elements combine on this– raw, noisy, and bruising. Influences are drawn from bands like TOTALITAR, DOOM, HIATUS, DISCHARGE, VARUKERS, CHAOS UK, SSD, THE GUNS, PAGANS, DRI, SYSTEMATIC DEATH, CONFUSE, GAUZE. Band members’ escalating credits include: LACERATE, MUZZLE, BAD NOIDS,  FLEA COLLAR, RAT FUCKER, DER KOMMISAR, SHORT ORDER, SCUM GUPPIES, ROOBYDOCKS, SARCOUGHOGUS, UPSTAB, PUNCTURE WOUND, and NO PEACE. Order here!

11 new tracks from this legendary Midwest punk rock band. 

Are you sick of the trite? There is an illness called “monotony of the beat”– KTH is infected but are taking medication. Deadpan is fine, but sometimes you gotta be dramatic. You are addicted to twitching/ bopping/self abuse – so are we. Proficiency is not required. Speed is god but momentum is better. Anger is essential but it can’t be trusted. That joke better teach me a lesson or make me cry. Kill the Hippies does not give a flying fuck about what you (or we) think it should be.”

Their first full length release since 2014, the band never stopped gigging – but eluded capture until now. Experience their genre defying sounds – all built from corroded heaps of real cool trash. For fans of: THE MIDDLE. CLASS, THE POISON GIRLS, CRUCIFUCKS, SPARKS, THE SPITS, PERSONAL DAMAGE, FALSE PROPHETS, THE BAGS, THE CHATS.

Recorded at Phoenician Sound Sculpture Labs, mixed and mastered by Kenny Halbert. Purchase


This 15 Track cassette collects their first two sold out tapes, with full color artwork, booklet, and housed in a clamshell VHS case for safe keeping. Beginning on Side A. with “FFO…”; blasts of sharp, punk, pissed hardcore, all snarling vocals, vicious riffs, thick basslines, and powerful drumming, with an original, creative slant. Then on the flip, “Instant Tenders”;  twin-guitar chaos, bubbling noise, and other elements combine with their original sound, all culminating in the bleak, FLIPPER-damaged closing version of NA’s “Nothing”. FFO: GLUE, MDC, GERMS, POISON IDEA, DRUNKS WITH GUNS; featuring current and ex-members of PILLARS, CHROMOSOME DAMAGE, KILL THE HIPPIES. Limited. Remastered. New cover layout by Kelly Butz. Original tapes on …So This Is Progress and Serial Bowl Records, respectively. Purchase here.

After releasing two CD/Cassette-only full lengths and a compilation track, Ohio’s WILD WINGS at last touch down for a 33 1/3 rotational journey from the starship to vinyl. The mills may have gone cold a lifetime ago, but the signal fires still flare against the static grey sky, residual echoes decaying but never really fading away. Cacophony honed to a razor sharp edge, speakers quiver and detonate to a sound at once both primal and explorative; cavemen savants carving their legacy into cave walls. This is psychedelic punk rock/hardcore, speed and sludge, power and fuzz, for fans of My War and CHROME, ACID MOTHER’S TEMPLE and THE GERMS. Full color cover/labels on crystal clear vinyl. Recorded and mixed at the Animal Dojo in Youngstown, Ohio, mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound in Alameda, California. Front cover painting and layout by Kenny Halbert. Additional artwork by Elliott Halbert and Kelly Butz. Purchase here